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[A]Thomas Achia, Atinuke Adebanji, John Owino, Anne WangombeSpatial Durbin Model for Poverty Mapping and Analysis
[A][S]Daniel Adler, Jens Oehlschlägel, Oleg Nenadic, Walter ZucchiniLarge atomic data in R: package 'ff'
[A][S]Claudio AgostinelliRobust Inference in Generalized Linear Models
[A][S]Arthur Allignol, Jan Beyersmann, Martin Schumachermvna, a R-package for the Multivariate Nelson-Aalen Estimator in Multistate Models
[A]Micah Altman, Michael McDonaldBARD: Better Automated Redistricting
[A][S]Gianmarco AltoèThe 'deltaR' package: a flexible way to compare regression models on independent samples using a bootstrap approach
[A]M. Rui Alves, M. Beatriz OliveiraAutomatic construction of graphical outputs of common multivariate analyses with a special reference to predictive biplots
[A][S]Thomas BaierR in Automation: Accessing Real-time-data
[A][S]Mehmet BalcilarRSTAR: A Package for Smooth Transition Autoregressive Modeling Using R
[A][S]Marco Ballin, Giulio BarcaroliTree-based and GA tools for optimal sampling design
[A][S]Susana BarbosaArDec: Autoregressive-based time series decomposition in R
[A][S]Benjamin Barnes, Karen SteindorfVisualizing multivariate categorical and continuous data from epidemiologic studies: An expanded scatter plot matrix
[A][S]Jan Beyersmann, Arthur Allignol, Martin SchumacherUnderstanding product integration
[A][S]Thomas Binsl, Jaap Heringa, David Alders, Hans van BeekFluxEs: An 'R' Framework for Parameter Estimation in Biological Networks
[A]Bernd Bischl, Kornelius RohmeyerTowards a Java Framework for Rapid Development of Graphical User Interfaces for Statistical Applications based on R
[A][S]Michal BojanowskiSimulating Games on Networks with R. Application to coordination in dynamic social network under heterogeneity.
[A][S]Jedrzej Bojanowski, César Carmona-MorenoUsing R for time series analysis and spatial-temporal distribution of global burnt surface multi-year product
[A][S]Sixten BorgA Maximum Likelihood estimator of a Markov model for disease activity in chronic diseases that alternate between relapse and remission, for annually aggregated partial observations
[A]Björn Bornkamp, José Pinheiro, Frank BretzMCPMod - An R Package for the Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies
[A][S]Johannes BreidenbachUse R! for estimating forest parameters based on Airborne Laser Scanner Data
[A][S]Ray BrownriggTricks and Traps for Young Players
[A]Giuseppe BrunoExploring Financial system Convergence in 8 OECD countries by means of the plm package
[A][S]Peter BühlmannComputationally Tractable Methods for High-Dimensional Data
[A][S]Christopher ByrdAn Automatic Recommendation System using R: Project Thank You eMail
[A][S]Minho Chae, John Thaden, Steven Jennings, Robert Shmookler ReiswashAlign: a GC-MS Data Alignment Tool Using Iterative Block-Shifting of Peak Retention Times Based on Mass-Spectral Data
[A]Yohan Chalabi, Michal Miklovic, Diethelm WürtzScaling and Robustifciation of ARMA Models with GARCH/APARCH Errors Using R/Rmetrics
[A][S]Miao-ting Chen, Yung-jin Leetdm - A Tool of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in R
[A][S]Karim ChineThe Virtual R Workbench, towards an open platform for R based e-Science
[A][S]Ewan Crawford, Adrian BowmanStatistical Cartoons
[A][S]Robert Crouchley, Damon Berridge, Dan GroseAn Alternative Package for Estimating Multivariate Generalised Linear Mixed Models in R
[A][S]Gabor Csardiigraph - a package for network analysis
[A]Mohammad Ali DashtiQuantitative approach to Entropy weighting methodology in MADM
[A][S]Antonio Di Narzo, Marji LinesRiDMC: an R package for the numerical analysis of dynamical systems
[A]Will DubyakCracking the Nut: Introducing R to a Department
[A]Julien Durand, Julie Josse, François Husson, Sébastien LêdynGraph: interactive visualization of 'factorial planes' integrating numerical indicators
[A][S]Rudolf DutterA Graphical User Interface for Environmental Statistics
[A][S]Dirk EddelbuettelScripting with R in high-performance computing: An Example using littler
[A][S]Martin ElffManagement and Analysis of Large Survey Data Sets Using the 'memisc' Package
[A][S]John Emerson, Michael KaneThe bigmemoRy package: handling large data sets in R using RAM and shared memory
[A][S]Manuel Eugster, Friedrich LeischExploratory and Inferential Analysis of Benchmark Experiments
[A]Robert Ferstl, Josef HaydenHedging interest rate risk with the dynamic Nelson/Siegel model
[A][S]Delphine FontaineSweave or how to make 286 customized reports in two clicks
[A][S]John FoxThe Past, Present, and Future of the R Project - Social Organization of the R Project
[A]Romain FrancoisR4X: Simple XML Manipulation for R
[A]Romain Francois, David IlsleyXML-based Reporting Application
[A][S]Mario Gellrich, Rudolf Gubler, Andreas Schönborn, Andreas PapritzSIMSURVEY - a tool for (geo-) statistical analyses with R on the web
[A][S]Andrew GelmanBayesian generalized linear models and an appropriate default prior
[A][S]Markus GesmannChainLadder: Reserving insurance claims with R
[A][S]Paul GilbertTime Series Database Interface
[A][S]Francisco GochezThe BLCOP package: an R implementation of the Black-Litterman and copula opinion pooling models
[A]Ben GoodrichFAiR: A Package for Factor Analysis in R
[A][S]Vincent GouletStatistical Modeling of Loss Distributions Using actuar
[A]Daniel GroseDistributed Computing using the multiR Package
[A][S]Bettina Gruen, Friedrich LeischFlexMix: Flexible fitting of finite mixtures with the EM algorithm
[A][S]Bert Gunter, Nicholas Lewin-KohSimpleR: Taking on the 'Evil Empire' by Developing Applications for Non-statistical Users
[A][S]Niklas Hack, Werner BrannathEstimation in classic and adaptive group sequential trials
[A]Kay Hamacher, Franziska Hoffgaard, Philipp WeilIntroducing BioPhysConnectoR
[A]Robin HankinModelling biodiversity in R: the untb package
[A]E. James Harner, Dajie Luo, Jun TanJavaStat: a Java-based R Front-end
[A][S]Rune Haubo Bojesen ChristensenModels for Replicated Discrimination Tests: A Synthesis of Latent Class Mixture Models and Generalized Linear Mixed Models
[A][S]Julian Heinrich, Janko Dietzsch, Dirk Bartz, Kay NieseltSpRay - an R-based visual-analytics platform for large and high-dimensional datasets
[A][S]Dennis Helsel, Lopaka LeeNADA for R: A contributed package for censored environmental data
[A]David Henderson, Stephen Weston, Nicholas Carriero, Robert BjornsonHigh Performance Computing with NetWorkSpaces for R
[A]Katharina Henneböhl, Edzer PebesmaProviding R functionality through the OGC Web Processing Service
[A][S]Arne HenningsenEstimation of Theoretically Consistent Stochastic Frontier Functions in R
[A]Chihiro Higuchi, Shigeo TakenakaMetabolome data mining of mass spectrometry measurements with random forests
[A]Erin Hodgess, Carol VobachRcmdrPlugin.epack: A Time Series Plug-in for Rcmdr
[A][S]Michael HöhleModelling and surveillance of infectious diseases - or why there is an R in SARS
[A][S]Benjamin Hofner, Thomas Kneib, Torsten HothornVariable Selection and Model Choice in Survival Models with Time-Varying Effects
[A][S]Kurt HornikThe Past, Present, and Future of the R Project - Development in the R Project
[A][S]Kurt Hornik, David MeyerGood Relations with R
[A][S]Johannes HüsingAn extension of the coin package for comparing interventions assigned by dynamic allocation
[A][S]Thomas Jagger, James ElsnerR for climate research
[A]John James, Fan ShaoThe Execution Engine: Client-server mechanism for remote calling of R and other systems
[A][S]Ferdinand JamitzkyROMP - an OpenMP binding for R
[A][S]Wayne Jones, Marco GiannitrapaniRapid Application Deployment with R
[A]Washington Junger, Antonio Ponce de Leon, Elizabeth de Albuquerque, Reinaldo Marques, Leonardo CostaEpiR: a graphic user interface oriented to epidemiological data analysis
[A][S]Sebastian Kaiser, Friedrich LeischA Toolbox for Bicluster Analysis in R
[A][S]Kai Kammers, Jörg RahnenführerSurvival Models Built from Gene Expression Data Using Gene Groups as Covariates
[A]Kulwant Singh KapoorAgreement analysis method in case of continuous variable
[A][S]Zivan KaramanUsing R as enterprise-wide data analysis platform
[A][S]Juha KarvanenDesign and analysis of follow-up studies with genetic component
[A]Dattatraya KashidVariable Selection in Regression Using R
[A][S]Goeran Kauermann, Thomas MestekemperSpecification of Landmarks and Forecasting Water Temperature
[A]Jouni Kerman, Andrew GelmanToward Fully Bayesian Computing: Manipulating and Summarizing Posterior Simulations Using Random Variable Objects
[A][S]Gary KingThe Dataverse Network
[A][S]Christian Kleiber, Achim ZeileisGeneralized count data regression in R
[A][S]Hans-Joachim KlemmtUsing R as an environment for automatic extraction of forest growth parameters form terrestrial laser scanning data
[A]John KlokeRfit: An R Package for Rank Estimates
[A][S]Jochen KnaussfCluster/snowfall: Managing parallel execution of R programs on a compute cluster
[A][S]Thomas Kneib, Torsten Hothornmboost - Componentwise Boosting for Generalised Regression Models
[A]Ruya Gokhan KocerBelieving by Seeing before Seeing by Believing: Visualizing the Gaussian Regression Model by the SIM.REG package for intuitive teaching
[A][S]Matthias Kohl, Peter RuckdeschelR-Packages for Robust Asymptotic Statistics
[A][S]Fumiyo Kondo, Teppei KurodaCustomer Heterogeneity in Purchasing Habit of Variety Seeking Based on Hierarchical Bayesian Model
[A][S]Ioannis KosmidisProfiling the parameters of models with linear predictors
[A][S]Stephanie KovalchikGraphical Functions for Prior Selection
[A][S]Luca La RoccaThe BayHaz package for Bayesian estimation of smooth hazard rates in R
[A]Sergey Laptenok, Katharine Mullen, Jan Willem Borst, Herbert van Amerongen, Antonie VisserNew possibilities for interactive specification and validation of models for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) data with the TIMP package
[A][S]Hsin-ya Lee, Pao-chu Wu, Yung-jin Leeivivc - A Tool for in vitro-in vivo Correlation Exploration with R
[A][S]Chun-ying Lee, Yung-jin LeePKfit - A Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis Tool on R
[A][S]Lucien LemmensSmall groups and questionnaires
[A][S]Jin Li, Andrew HeapComparison of spatial interpolation methods using a simulation experiment based on Australian seabed sediment data
[A]Wei-han LiuA Closer Examination of Extreme Value Theory Modeling in Value-at-Risk Estimation
[A]Andras LowR and Stata for Building Regression Models
[A]Vilas Boas Marcio Antonio, Uribe-Opazo Miguel Angel, Alves da Silva Edson AntonioSurface and Sprinkle Irrigation Analysis with R
[A][S]Miriam MarusiakovaThe statistical evaluation of DNA crime stains in R
[A][S]José MatosR packages from a Fedora perspective
[A]Olaf Mersmann, Heike Trautmann, Detlef Steuer, Claus Weihs, Uwe LiggesDesirabilitiy functions in multicriteria optimization - Observations made while implementing desiRe
[A][S]Pete Meyer, Shaun LysenAn automated R tool for identifying individuals with difficulties in a large pool of raters
[A][S]David Meyer, Achim Zeileis, Kurt HornikThe strucplot framework for Visualizing Categorical Data
[A]Jacob Michaelson, Andreas BeyerRandom Forests for eQTL Analysis: A Performance Comparison
[A][S]Giovanni MilloCross-sectional and spatial dependence in panels
[A][S]Katharine Mullen, Ivo van StokkumResolving components in mass spectrometry data: parametric and non-parametric approaches
[A][S]Duncan MurdochPackage Development in Windows
[A][S]Junji Nakano, Ei-ji NakamaSpeeding up R by using ISM-like calls
[A][S]Tomoaki Nakataniccgarch: An R package for modelling multivariate GARCH models with conditional correlations
[A][S]Erich NeuwirthR meets the Workplace - Embedding R into Excel and making it more accessible
[A][S]Rense NieuwenhuisRetreiving old data using 'read.isi'
[A][S]Klaus Nordhausen, Hannu Oja, David TylerInvariant coordinate selection for multivariate data analysis - the package ICS
[A][S]Derek NortonAutomating Business Modeling with the AutoModelR package
[A][S]Robin Nunkesser, Silke Straatmann, Simone WenzelrPorta - An R Package for Analyzing Polytopes and Polyhedra
[A][S]Jens Oehlschlägel, Daniel Adler, Oleg Nenadic, Walter ZucchiniA first glimpse into 'R.ff', a package that virtually removes R's memory limit
[A]Kensuke Okada, Kazuo ShigemasuBMDS: A Collection of R Functions for Bayesian Multidimensional Scaling
[A]Joern Pagel, Frank SchurrForecasting species range shifts: a Hierarchical Bayesian framework for estimating process-based models of range dynamics
[A]Matteo Pardo, Giorgio SberveglieriRandom Forests and Nearest Shrunken Centroids for the Classification of eNose data
[A]Ivailo PartchevTCL Expect: Yet another way to develop GUI for R
[A]Giovanni PetrisDynamic Linear Models in R
[A][S]Thomas PetzoldtObjects, clones and collections: ecological models and scenario analysis with simecol
[A]Martyn PlummerBayesian Modelling in R with rjags
[A][S]Jim PorzakDirect Marketing Analytics with R
[A]Richard Pugh, Matt AldridgeR for the Masses: Lessons learnt from delivering R training courses
[A][S]Tomas RadivoyevitchEquilibrium Model Selection
[A][S]Wolfgang Raffelsberger, Luc Moulinier, David Kieffer, Olivier PochRReportGenerator: Automatic reports from routine statistical analysis using R
[A]Jörg Rahnenführer, Jasmina Bogojeska, Adrian Alexa, André Altmann, Thomas LengauerEstimating evolutionary pathways and genetic progression scores with Rtreemix
[A]Rebeca Ramis, Peter Diggle, Gonzalo López-AbenteEstimation of Standard Errors in Non-Linear Regression Models: Spatial Variation in Risk Around Putative Sources
[A]Soumaya RekaiaIndicators of Least Absolute Deviation's sensibility
[A][S]Christian RitzFunctional regression analysis using R
[A][S]Dimitris RizopoulosItem Response Theory Using the ltm Package
[A]Janet RosenbaumPatient teenagers? A comparison of the sexual behavior of virginity pledgers and matched non-pledgers
[A][S]Peter Ruckdeschel, Matthias KohldistrMod - an S4-class based package for statistical models
[A]Oscar Rueda, Ramon Diaz-UriarteAnalysis of CGH arrays using MCMC with Reversible Jump: detecting gains and losses of DNA and common regions of alteration among subjects
[A][S]Andrew RunnallsCXXR: Refactoring the R Interpreter into C++
[A]Majid Sarmad, Peter S. Craig'robande': An R package for Robust ANOVA
[A][S]David SathiarajSpatial Analysis and Visualization of Climate Data Using R
[A][S]Fabian Scheipl, Sonja Greven, Helmut KüchenhoffRLRsim: Testing for Random Effects or Nonparametric Regression Functions in Additive Mixed Models
[A][S]Karen Schettlinger, Roland Fried, Ursula Gatherrobfilter: An R Package for Robust Time Series Filters
[A][S]Julia Schiffner, Claus WeihsLocal Classification Methods for Heterogeneous Classes
[A][S]Markus Schmidberger, Ulrich MansmannParallelized preprocessing algorithms for high-density oligonucleotide array data
[A][S]Ralf Seger, Antony UnwinMORET - A Software For Model Management
[A]Mike Smith, Richard Pugh, Romain FrancoisMSToolkit: Distributed R for the creation and analysis of simulated clinical trial data
[A][S]Joris J. Snellenburg, Katherine M. Mullen, Ivo H. M. van StokkumTIMPGUI: A graphical user interface for the package TIMP
[A][S]Norbert Solymosi, Andrea Harnos, Jenõ ReiczigelSQLiteMap: package to manage vector graphical maps using SQLite
[A][S]Bernhard Spangl, Peter Ruckdeschel, Rudolf DutterApproximate Conditional-mean Type Filtering for State-space Models
[A][S]Werner StahelRegression Model Development and Yet Another Regression Function
[A][S]Christine Steinhoff, Matteo Pardo, Martin VingronA pipeline based on multivariate correspondence analysis with supplementary variables for cancer genomics
[A][S]Carolin Strobl, Achim ZeileisWhy and how to use random forest variable importance measures (and how you shouldn't)
[A][S]Ryota SuzukiR AnalyticFlow: A flowchart-style GUI for R
[A]Gero Szepannek, Uwe Ligges, Claus WeihsSome Aspects on Classification, Variable Selection and Categorical Clustering
[A]Ewa Sztendur, Neil Diamondrsm: An R package for Response Surface Methodology
[A][S]Stefan Theussl, Achim Zeileis, Kurt HornikCollaborative Development Using R-Forge
[A][S]Jean ThioulouseMultivariate Data Analysis in Microbial Ecology - New Skin for the old Ceremony
[A][S]Jarno TuimalaChipster: A graphical user interface to DNA microarray data analysis using R and Bioconductor
[A][S]Heather Turner, David Firth, Andy BatchelorCustom Functions for Specifying Nonlinear Terms to gnm
[A][S]Boris VaillantUsing R to test Bayesian adaptive discrete choice designs
[A][S]Tobias VerbekeRefactoring R Programs
[A][S]Enrique Vidal, Roberto Pastor-Barriuso, Marina Pollan, Gonzalo Lopez-AbenteSegmented Poisson Models
[A][S]Ilhami Visne, Klemens Vierlinger, Friedrich Leisch, Albert KriegnerRGG: An XML-based GUI Generator for R Scripts
[A]Dennis Wegener, Stefan Rüping, Michael MockGridR: Distributed Data Analysis using R
[A][S]Christian WeißCommercial meets Open Source - Tuning STATISTICA with R
[A][S]Patrick WessaA Compendium Platform for Reproducible, R-based Research with a focus on Statistics Education
[A][S]Florian WickelmaierAnalyzing paired-comparison data in R using probabilistic choice models
[A][S]Graham J. WilliamsDeploying Data Mining in Government - Experiences With R/Rattle
[A]Rory WinstonReal-Time Market Data Interfaces in R
[A][S]Diethelm Würtz, Yohan ChalabiComputational Finance and Financial Engineering: The R/Rmetrics Software Environment
[A][S]Yihui XieStatistical Animations Using R
[A][S]Gian Pietro Zaccomer, Luca GrassettiUsing R for Spatial Shift-Share Analysis
[A][S]Jing Hua Zhao, Qihua Tan, Shengxu Li, Jian'an LuanSome Perspectives of Graphical Methods for Genetic Data