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Social Program


Vereniging voor Ordinatie en Classificatie

Social Program

Social Program, Evening Events and Information about Public Transport

The GfKl offers some social highlights during the 28th annual conference. Due to the huge amount of planned sessions, the individual excursions will be scattered over all conference days.

Evening Events

  • Get together
    (monday, around 18.45)

    Restaurant Wiewaldi, a restaurant near the conference site (building 25 on the campus map). The kitchen is varied with some Greek or Mediterranean focus.
    Adress: Baroper Strasse 235, 44227 Dortmund

    Because of small parking possibilities near the "Wiewaldi" you can better use the parking at the university (about 5 minutes to walk).

  • Reception in the Dortmund City Hall
    (tuesday, 19.00, number of participants signed up for this event .)

    The Dortmund city hall was opened in 1989. A large glass cupola crowns the city hall, one of the most impressive modern town halls in germany. The reception takes place in the octagonal "Bürgerhalle" (citizens hall) on the ground floor of the building.

    The location is easy to reach by public transport. (From the university either with the S-Bahn S1 to Dortmund main station (Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (HBF) and from there with every metro-line (U41, U45, U47, U49) (directions Hörde, Westfalenhallen, Aplerbeck or Hacheney) to "Stadtgarten", otherwise you can take the bus 447 (direction Hacheney) or the bus 468 (direction Palmweide) to "An der Palmweide" and the metro U42 (direction Grevel) to "Stadtgarten"
    Address: Friedensplatz 1, 44135 Dortmund

  • Conference dinner
    (wednesday, 20.00, number of participants signed up for this event .)

    The Conference Dinner takes place in the steel hall ("Stahlhalle") of the German Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition (Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung, DASA) and will cost EUR 30 (beverages included). Sitting near former devices from a steel mill you can get an impression of the industrial past of Dortmund. We have buffet including also vegetarian dishes.

    The DASA lies within a 15 minutes walk from the campus and the conference site. You can also get there by train (S-Bahn, S1, "Dorstfeld Süd", one station before the university when comming from Dortmund main station), follow the signs inside the station, the DASA lies at the university end of the station. You can also get there by bus (line 447, direction Dorstfeld/Huckarde, to "Bundestanstalt für Arbeitsschutz, one stop after the university).

    Hint: There will be the possibility to join a guided tour through the exhibition prior to the conference dinner. Please have a look at the organized trips of the social program for details.


Discover Dortmund and the Ruhr area (Ruhrgebiet)

Organized trips are presented on a special page. There you can find also the exact dates, prices and further details.

You can also explore Dortmund and its neighbourhood for yourself by visiting interesting places and events during or around the conference days. Some hints for individual trips are put together.

The Working Group "Data Analysis in Archaelogy" offers a special archaeological excursion "Visiting data in archaelogy institutions in the vicinity of Dortmund" on friday, March 12, 2004.

Some of the proposed places in all three categories are also part of the "Route of Industrial Heritage" (Route der Industriekultur).

Tickets for public transport

The conference site at the university, the evening events and most of the trips during the conference are best to reach by public transport (see also "getting here"). Also the hotels are normally near to the main station or to the university (only the TRYP hotel). As many other cities also Dortmund has few possibilities for (free) parking in the city.
We can offer a ticket for the public transport system (S-Bahn, metro, trams, busses). The ticket costs EUR 8. It is valid for three days, tuesday to thursday, for one person, for the public transport in Dortmund [Preisstufe A].
The university is easy to reach by train. The suburban train (S-Bahn) S1 drives every 20 minutes from Dortmund main station to the university (it takes about 7 minutes) and further to Bochum main station and Düsseldorf (main station and airport).
If you are travelling by train you can directly buy a ticket to Dortmund-Universität (Dortmund University). People having a BAHNCARD should use the so-called "city ticket" which is valid in Dortmund, too. (With this ticket you can go to your destination (hotel or conference) by public transport and when leaving Dortmund you can also start from the hotel or the conference by public transport - without additional tickets - ask for it when buying your ticket!). People without BAHNCARD can purchase the "NRW-Plus"-ticket with the same functions as the city ticket.
Some people may prefer to park their cars at the university which is easier to reach than the inner city of Dortmund, and then using the public transport system starting. During the conference time there will be enough place for parking at the university. But as the university is a campus university and as in the evening there are no events at the campus, you should look for a parking near the conference site or near the streets - not to far in the dark.
Within Dortmund you need a ticket A (Preisstufe A) to get by public transport - only for very short trips by bus, tram or metro there exists a short-way ticket (Kurzstrecke). The normal ticket for one trip costs EUR 1,85 (for four trips EUR 6,10 (Viererticket), dayticket for up to five persons 6,70 EUR).
From the station Dortmund-Universität (suburban train S1) you have to walk two or three minutes to the conference building. Otherwise the university is reachable by bus (447, 468), both busses have a direct connection to the metro lines.

Number of persons signed up for the ticket: .

If you have questions concerning the social program, please Magdalena Thöne (Deutsch, English, Nederlands).

Latest change: February 4, 2004 [M.T.]