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Celebration: 30 years statistics in Dortmund

Monday 8.03.04, 3 p.m.

On the day before the conference the Department of Statistics of the University of Dortmund will celebrate its 30th anniversary by a colloquium with national and international guests. Everyone interested in Statistics is invited to take part. Check out the details for this event.

This special event is held in German.


Workshop: Statistics in media

Wednesday 10.03.04, 2. p.m.
Organization: Prof. Dr. Claus Weihs, Dortmund.

In this workshop the presentation of statistical results in the media shall be discussed from the science point of view and from the journalism point of view.

The workshop will be focused on two important and popular applications of statistics in the media: medicine and economy. For each of these two areas, a scientist and a journalist will present a talk, where the quality of jounalism on the area of statistics will be on focus.

This special event is held in german and is free of charge. All speakers in this workshop will be invited. Additional information is available in PDF Format.

Please, apply for this workshop until February 29th, 2004 by e-mail at .


Workshop: New media in education

Wednesday 10.03.04, 2 p.m.
Organization: Prof. Dr. Ernst-Erich Doberkat, Dortmund.

In this workshop the best projects on Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science in the BMBF program "New media in education" and other related projects will be presented.

Besides the presentation of the project results, the following topics should be discussed:

  1. How is the continuity of the project ensured?
  2. To which extend the project are the results incorporated into the strategic planning of education?
  3. Which environments are used?
  4. Does an interface to other systems exist, expecially to univerity administration systems?
  5. Are there measurable experiences in the use of such systems?

This special event is held in german and is free of charge. Applications for talks are welcome. Please send an abstract of not more then one page to .

Deadline for abstracts is: November 15th, 2003.

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