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Vereniging voor Ordinatie en Classificatie

Authoring Guidelines

A proceedings volume of the 28th Annual Conference of the GfKl will be published as a special volume in the Series "Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization'' by Springer-Verlag.

A summary volume with the abstracts of papers selected for presentation will be distributed to conference participants. Therefore there are also guidelines for the submission of the abstract.

The LaTeX-guidelines for the abstract and for the papers are found for download at the bottom of this page. We describe the format instructions and the submission procedure both to be followed seriously. The text of these guidelines is written in the prescribed format and can be used as a specimen.

Note: The instructions displayed on this web page are only an excerpt of the complete guidelines to be followed. Please download the template files below.

Please, use the style file gfkl2004.cls and standard fonts only. This file takes care of all the formatting. Do not include other packages than these:


The text of the submitted abstract should be written in English or German and must not exceed one page using the gfkl2004.cls style file.

The paper manuscripts should have a length of maximum 8 pages (invited speakers 12 pages) using the gfkl2004.cls style file. An abstract paragraph of 6-9 lines is to be included after the heading. Do not specify keywords in your paper.

Deadline and Submission Information

Send your abstract and paper by e-mail to the local organizer:

Prof. Dr. Claus Weihs
Lehrstuhl für Computergestützte Statistik
Universität Dortmund
D-44221 Dortmund

Please, state with your submission which session would be most appropriate for your talk. For a list of the sessions, please take a look at our program.

The deadline for the abstracts of the conference submissions and for the finished contest papers is

November 15, 2003.

The deadline for the complete conference papers is

March 27, 2004.

Speakers will be notified of acceptance by January 15, 2004. Upon acceptance, the complete manuscript can be submitted. At that time, we only need a PostScript or PDF version of your correctly formatted paper for the review process. If the paper passes the review, we will also need the following:

  • your paper written in LaTeX,
  • the eps-files for figures (if any), and
  • a list of approximately 10 keywords for the index of the volume.
If, for any reason, you are going to submit in MS Word format, please also submit all figures as eps-files. Please note that in case of submitting in MS Word format, we have to take a fee of 52 EUR for the translation to LaTeX.

While submitting their paper, authors automatically leave the copyright to the editors or the publisher.


Abstract Templates and Guidelines

Please state which session would be most appropriate for your submisson. For a list of the sessions, please take a look at our program.

Paper Templates and Guidelines

Please follow the writing instructions!

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