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Call for Papers


Vereniging voor Ordinatie en Classificatie

Call for Papers

Participants intending to present a talk are requested to submit an abstract by

November 15, 2003

to the local organizer C. Weihs, Dortmund, via e-mail: . Please state in the e-mail, which session would be most appropriate for your submission. For a list of the sessions, please take a look at our program.

The deadline for the submission of the complete papers is

March 27, 2004

Accepted abstracts will be included in a summary volume that will be distributed to conference participants. Speakers will be notified of acceptance by January 15th, 2004. Upon acceptance, a complete manuscript for the proceedings can be submitted. It will have to pass a review process. Please visit our the authoring guidelines in the download section to get formatting instructions and templates for abstracts and manuscripts.

The broad range of relevant topics from classification, data science, information systems, and innovative applications is illustrated by the following list of planned sessions:

Title: Classification, the ubiquitous challenge

Innovations in Classifications and Data Sciences

  • Clustering, Unsupervised Learning (Bock)
  • Supervised Classification, Discriminant Analysis (Ritter)
  • Clustering and Classification for Time related Data (Morik)
  • Data Analysis (Hennig)
  • Nonparameteric Methods (Brunner)
  • Computational Aspects: Algorithms and Complexity (Wegener)
  • Ontology in Software Engineering (Doberkat)
  • History of Classification (Bock)
  • (History of) Statistical Graphics (Ostermann)
  • Three-way Methods (Kiers, VOC)
  • Mixture Modelling (Vermunt, VOC)
  • Optimal Scaling (VOC)
  • Graphical Models (Kuhnt)

Classification in the Biosciences

  • Biometrics (Wernecke)
  • Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (Lausen)
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development (Novartis)
  • Phylogenomics (Klenk, v. Haeseler)
  • Psychometric Methods (de Boeck, VOC)

Classification in Socio-Economics

  • Finance, Economy, Banking, Risk Management, and Insurance (Locarek-Junge, Röder)
  • Marketing (Beier)
  • Social Milieu Analysis (Contest, City of Dortmund)

Classification in Technical Applications

  • Quality Optimization (Kunert)
  • Classification in Diagnostics (Roche Diagnostics)
  • Wearable Electronics (Klaus Steilmann Institut)

Classification, all the other Challenges

  • Archeology (Herzog)
  • Fine Arts and Music (Fine Arts and Music)
  • Libraries (Hermes, Lorenz)
  • Linguistics (Goebl, Rolshoven)
  • Sports (Trenkler)
  • Vision (Buhmann)
  • World-Wide-Web (Gaul)


Special Events

  • Contest: Social Milieus in Dortmund (GfKl2004 - region related)
  • Celebration: 30 Years Statistics in Dortmund - the day before the conference
  • Workshop: Statistics in Media
  • Workshop: Multimedia in Education

For further information on our special events, see our special events section.