Poster presentations

(in alphabetical order of presenting author)

Sensory equivalence testing – the reversed null hypothesis and the size of a difference that matters.
Paul Arents, C.A.A. Duineveld, Bonnie M. King, The Netherlands
Poster (203kB)
Development of a model to predict consumer acceptance of cottage pie from sensory quality and salt content.
Joanna Purdy, Gillian Armstrong, Heather McIlveen; Dr Peter O’Donoghue, UK
Poster (1064kB)
Variations in flavour stability in lager beers.
Raymond K. Boccorh, Alistair Paterson, UK
Statistical testing of individual differences in sensory profiling.
Per Bruun Brockhoff, Denmark
Poster (31kB)
An Implicit Acceptability Test in Comparison to Sensory Profiling.
Lise Wolf Frandsen, Garmt B. Dijksterhuis, Per Brockhoff, Jacob Holm Nielsen, Denmark
Poster (218kB)
Relationship between Visible-NIR spectroscopy and sensory analysis of apples.
Emira Mehinagic, Dominique Bertrand, Ronan Symoneaux, France
Differentiation of granola bars and sports bars by sensory evaluation: Does the sample presentation influence the results?
Joerg Meier, Antje Ruehlmann, Germany
Poster (65kB)
Improvement of Consumer Fit in Preference Mapping.
N.M. Faber, J. Mojet, A.A.M. Poelman, The Netherlands
Consumer preference in commercial UK filter coffee blends.
Chanchal Narain, Alistair Paterson, Ewan Reid, John R. Piggott, UK
Attitudinal Consumer Segmentation: A Latent Class Clustering Approach.
Chen Tang, Kristie Kooken, USA
Odour intensity assessments using GC-ANN method.
Joanna Kosmider, Malgorzata Zamelczyk-Pajewska, Poland


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