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Project cooperations

since 2009

Multicriteria optimization of automatic music classification based on high level features
with methods of computational intelligence

(funded by Klaus Tschira Foundation)

since 2009NRW Graduate School of Energy Efficient Production and Logistics

Former project cooperations

Collaborative Research Centre 823 "Statistical modelling of nonlinear dynamic processes"

(2009 - 2017, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

  • B3: Statistical modelling of highly-resolved spectro-temporal audio data in hearing aids
  • B4: Statistical process modelling for machining of inhomogeneous mineral subsoil
  • C2: Experimental designs for dynamic processes

Collaborative Research Centre 475 "Reduction of Complexity in Multivariate Data Structures"

(1997 - 2009, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

1997 - 2009A4: Statistics and machine learning
2000 - 2009C5: Analysis and modelling of the deephole-drilling-processes with statistical methods and neural networks
1997 - 2006B3: Multivariate identification and analysis of business cycles
1997 - 2000A2: Efficient modelling by means of optimal experimental design

Research Training Group "Statistical Modelling"

(2004 - 2013, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

  • B3: Multi-criteria optimization of correlated quality characteristics by means of desirability indices
  • C4: Statistical modelling of music: From generation to perception
  • D2: Problem specific optimization of the ECOC bisection of classes for multi-class problems

Research Training Group "Applied Statistics"

(1993 - 2003, funded by German Research Council - DFG)

  • Project C: Technometrics und industrial statistics (1997 - 2003)

Further Projects

2003 - 2009International NRW Graduate School of Production Engineering and Logistics
2005 - 2008

Diagnostic classification algorithms in heterogeneous  populations

(funded by Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg)

2004 - 2007

Post cochlea processing

(funded by Fraunhofer Institut Digitale Medientechnologie, Ilmenau)

2003 - 2006

Analysis of statistical methods for standardization of diagnostic assays

(funded by Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg)