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Dortmund Data Science Center (DoDSc)

The Dortmund Data Science Center (DoDSc) is an interdisciplinary center of the TU Dortmund where data science related research is consolidated within the TU Dortmund and its environment. It is supported by the faculties of Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics and is open for further participation and cooperation.

Interested parties can subscribe to our mailing list via the contact email address (in the right column). Professors, lecturers and the principal investigators of research projects at the TU Dortmund can contact us via this email address to apply for membership in the DoDSc.

The center covers aspects of research, teaching, infrastructure and transfer.


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The DoDSc consolidates existing competences and resources in data science at the TU Dortmund. It serves as a networking platform for the participating scientists in order to strengthen the interdisciplinarity of existing projects and to initiate future large-scale research projects.

There are already many activities at TU Dortmund on which to build: The newly established Competence Center Machine Learning as well as the Collaborative Research Centers 823 and 876, whose activities will be continued in the future and consolidated within the center.


The center is intended to make a significant contribution to undergraduate training and further education in the field of data science.

Here the DoDSc builds on the Bachelor's degree program "Data Analysis and Data Management" and the Master's degree program "Data Science". Both are supported jointly by the faculties Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics. Another training offer is the priority subject area "Data Science" in the Master's degree program Computer Science.

This offer is complemented by the certificate program "Data Science and Big Data", which is open to university graduates with a mathematical-statistical background.


The activities of DoDSc are spread over the campus of the TU Dortmund. The aim of the DoDSc is therefore to create a common infrastructure with regard to personnel, premises and IT in the field of data sciences. Currently the Faculties of Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics are mainly involved. An extension of this circle, especially to further application areas, is pursued in the near future.

By participating in large-scale research projects, the DoDSc has access to relevant research data. Other data sources will continuously be made accessible. With regard to planning and administration of scientific computing resources, a close cooperation is maintained with the "Dortmunder Zentrum für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen" (DoWiR).


For the integration of the DoDSc into the industrial environment, as well as for the strengthening of education, the transfer between data science and its industrial implementation is of great importance. Therefore, the DoDSc sees itself as a central platform for methodological basic research in the field of Industrial Data Science and for professional support with regard to conception, analysis and implementation.

The participating faculties have already produced successful spin-offs cooperating with the DoDSc. These spin-offs serve as examples for further data science start-ups. The DoDSc cooperates with the "Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer" and supports the "Excellence Start-up Center Dortmund, Südwestfalen & Region".

A further component of the transfer is the part-time certificate program "Data Science and Big Data" in cooperation with the "Center for Higher and Continuing Education". This area will be strengthened in the future by seminars and exhibitions.