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Dr. Tobias Voigt

Mathematische Statistik und naturwissenschaftliche Anwendungen


Room 212
+49 231 755 - 3115
+49 231 755 - 5305
Fakultät Statistik
Technische Universität Dortmund
44221 Dortmund

Office Hours

  • by appointment


Research / Areas of Work

  • Classification for the MAGIC and FACT experiments



  • Voigt, T., Fried, R., Backes, M., Rhode, W. (2014), "Gamma-Hadron-Separation in the MAGIC Experiment", in: Spiliopoulou, M., Schmidt-Thieme, L., Janning, R. (Eds.), Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery, Springer, 115-124.
  • Voigt, T., Fried, R., Backes, M., Rhode, W. (2014), "Threshold optimization for classification in imbalanced data in a problem of gamma-ray astronomy", Advances in Data Analysis and Classification 8(2), 195-216.
  • Voigt, T., Fried, R. (2014), "Distance based Feature Construction in a setting of astronomy", in: Lausen, B., Krolak-Schwerdt, S.,  Boehmer, M., Data Science, Learning by Latent Structures, and Knowledge Discovery, Springer.
  • Voigt, T., Fried, R. (2014), "Modeling Cherenkov Telescope images for Variable Construction in Classification", Proceedings of the IWSM 2014, accepted.