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The following information should help you to arrange your trip to Dortmund and to the university, where will be put up signs to the conference area. Furthermore, you will find some links which might prove helpful.

How to get to Dortmund?

By Plane
To the Dortmund airport you can fly from several places in Central Europe. There are regular air connections with Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Katowice, Kraków, Leibzig-Halle, London, Munich, Nuremberg, Paris, Poznán, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich e.g. To get from the Dortmund airport to the city center, you can use the bus to the Dortmund metro station and then the metro (appr. 40 minutes). To directly get to the university, different possibilities are at hand via bus and metro. Since these vary depending on the time you want to go, please ask at the airport for the best connection. All of them take about 60 minutes to go. In both cases, normally it is faster to use a taxi (15-20km). 
The Rhein-Ruhr-Airport in Düsseldorf, 60 kilometres away from Dortmund, offers far more air connections. There are frequent direct trains to the main station in the city center of Dortmund (appr. 50 minutes) and to the university (local train S1/21, appr. 65 minutes).
By Train
The main station of Dortmund is located in walking distance to the city center and is a junction of many international and national trains and therefore easy to reach from all directions via train. 
The university has its own suburban train station ("Dortmund Universität"). From there suburban trains arrive from the Dortmund railway station, the Düsseldorf railway station (S1) and the Düsseldorf airport (S21) every 20 or 30 minutes. 
By Car
The campus of the Universität Dortmund is situated close to the motorway intersection Dortmund West, where the Sauerlandlinie A 45 Frankfurt-Dortmund crosses the Ruhrschnellweg B 1 / A 40. That's how the university is connected to the west, with the motorway network of the Ruhr Area and beyond that to the regions of the Lower Rhine and the Netherlands. In the eastern direction the B 1 leads through Dortmund to Unna, where there is a connection with the motorways leading to Bremen, Hannover/Berlin and Kassel. In the north, the A 45 ends after a few kilometres at the A 2, leading to the Kamener Kreuz and in the other direction to Oberhausen. In the Westhofener Kreuz, south of the university, the A 45 crosses the A 2, leading to Bremen and Köln. The best motorway exits you find on the A 45 in Dortmund-Eichlinghofen and on the B 1 / A 40 in Dortmund-Dorstfeld (closer to the Campus Nord where the conference will take place). There are signs at both exits leading you to the university. The local road network is equipped with signs leading you to the Campus Nord. You may download a map including the main roads from the university's homepage, which is, however, only available in German, but nevertheless may prove helpful.


How to get to the university and the conference area?

You can reach the university as described above. In addition, coming from the city you should take the suburban train S1 / S21 directing to "Düsseldorf" respectively "Düsseldorf Flughafen". These trains depart between 7 am and 17 pm every hour at minutes 14, 34 and 54 from platform 7. It takes about 7 minutes to go to the third stop, which is "Dortmund Universität". 

Above that you can get from the Dortmund city to the university by bus. You can get from the city centre to the stop "An der Palmweide", using the tram line 408 directing to "Hombruch / Harkortstr.", and from there to the stop "Universität" using the bus lines 447 directing to "Revierpark" or 480 directing to "Castrop-Rauxel Ickern-Nord". Or you can use the tram lines 403/406 directing to "Dorstfeld" respectively "Marten" to get to the stop "Wittener Straße" in Dortmund Dorstfeld and from there with the bus line 447 directing to "Hacheney" to the stop "Universität". 

At the university, you will find signs to the conference area. You may download a map of the campus from the university's homepage, which again is only available in German. The conference will take place in the first floor of the "Mathematikgebäude", which is building no. 14 on that map. The bus stops are marked with the letter "H", the suburban station (underground) is marked with the letter "S". You may also have a look at this map (295Kb) which was designed for the meeting.


Further information

VRR Online information about the local traffic, useful for connections within Dortmund as well as e.g. from Dusseldorf airport, only available in German
Deutsche Bahn AG information about the German Rails connections
Stadtpläne city map of Dortmund, you may search for streets etc.
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