Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Dr. Tobias Liboschik

Mathematische Statistik und naturwissenschaftliche Anwendungen



Research / Areas of Work

  • Analysis of count time series
  • Detection of outliers and changes in time series
  • Robust time series analysis
  • R package "tscount" (available on CRAN, project's website)
  • R package "robts" (project's website)
  • SFB 823 project C3: Analysis of structural changes in process data
  • PhD thesis: "Modeling Count Time Series Following Generelized Linear Models" (advisors: R. Fried and K. Fokianos)
  • Diploma thesis: "Statistical Analysis of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy" (advisors: R. Fried and H.E. Grecco)


  • Lecture and Tutorial Robust Statistical Methods (SS 2016)
  • Tutorial Statistics I: Descriptive Statistics (WS 2015/16)
  • Tutorial Time Series (WS 2014/15)
  • Tutorial Robust Statistical Methods (SS 2014)
  • Tutorial Multivariate Statistics (WS 2013/14)
  • Tutorial Statistics II: Probability (SS 2012)
  • Tutorial Time Series (WS 2011/12)
  • Tutorial Statistics III: Estimation and Testing (WS 2010/11)