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CDI-Building, Room122a
Mail: pruefungsamt@

Tel.: (0231) 755 - 3122


Dr. Thorsten Ziebach

Examination Committee Bachelor Statistics

Master StatistiCS

Contact person:     Dr. Thorsten Ziebach (examination office)   &   René Mathieu (stand-in examination office)


Examination Committee: Prof. Dr. Christine Müller (chairperson)

Responsible for:

  • Applications for recognition of examination results
  • Admission of students with a degree from other universities
  • Application for disability compensation
  • Minor subject(s)
  • Placement in higher semesters


In case of questions/problems with examinations in the BOSS system (registration not possible, grade/performance is missing, registration of theses, etc.) please contact the central examination office.

For questions regarding examination matters that are not covered by the central examination office, you can contact the examination office address of the Department of Statistics.

For an application for recognition of examination achievements from other study programs or universities, there is a central information of the TU, where you can find the recognition regulations of the TU Dortmund as well as the form Application for Recognition of Examination Achievements. Before filling out the list of requested and to be recognized achievements, it is advisable to create an assignment of achievements and to coordinate this with the examination office.


The Bachelor of Statistics allows the choice of one of many possible minor subjects. On the corresponding page minor subject agreements, you can find the individual possible minor subjects with the corresponding regulations. For organizational questions, the examination office is the first point of contact. In addition, there is a minor subject representative for each minor subject:


MinorSubject Representative
Chemie (Chemistry)Prof. Dr. Roland Fried
Elektrotechnik (Electrical engineering)Prof. Dr. Christine Müller
Informatik (Computer Science)Prof. Dr. Jörg Rahnenführer
Logistik (Logistics)Prof. Dr. Markus Pauly
Maschinenbau (Mechanical Engineering)Prof. Dr. Christine Müller
Mathematik (Mathematics)Prof. Dr. Roland Fried
Philosophie (Philosophy)Prof. Dr. Philipp Doebler
Physik (Physics)Prof. Dr. Roland Fried
Psychologie (Psychology)Prof. Dr. Philipp Doebler
Raumplanung (Spatial planning)Prof. Dr. Philipp Doebler,
Prof. Dr. Roland Fried
Sport (Sports)Prof. Dr. Andreas Groll
Theoretische Medizin (Theoretical medicine)Prof. Dr. Katja Ickstadt,
Prof. Dr. Guido Knapp
Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Economics)Prof. Dr. Carsten Jentsch,
JProf. Dr. Antonia Arsova
Wissenschaftsjournalismus (Science Journalism)Prof. Dr. Philipp Doebler,
Prof. Dr. Jörg Rahnenführer