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Dr. Björn Bornkamp

Mathematische Statistik und biometrische Anwendungen


Novartis Pharma AG
Lichtstraße 35
4002 Basel

R packages

  • DoseFinding - DoseFinding: Planning and Analyzing Dose Finding experiments
  • iterLap - Approximate probability densities by iterated Laplace Approximations. Useful for building proposal distributions for example for importance sampling.
  • bayespack - Numerical Integration for Bayesian Inference (an R interface to Fortran 77 code by Alan Genz)
  • SEL - Semiparametric Elicitation: Fitting B-splines to expert statements using an entropy penalty
  • MCPMod - Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies (old limited version of DoseFinding, provided for backcompability)