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Dr. Björn Bornkamp

Mathematische Statistik und biometrische Anwendungen


Novartis Pharma AG
Lichtstraße 35
4002 Basel



  • MCPMod An R package for design and analysis of dose-finding studies using a combined multiple comparison and modelling approach, joint work with José Pinheiro and Frank Bretz.
  • SEL An R package for fitting penalized B-splines to expert statements using a Brier entropy penalization.


Summer School (8.6. - 9.6.2009)

  •  Planung und Auswertung klinischer Dosis-Findungs-Studien


Research Interest

  • Nonparametric Bayesian Methods
  • Dose-Response Studies
  • Applied Statistical Computing



  • Bornkamp, B. and Ickstadt, K. (2009): A Note on B-Splines for Semiparametric Elicitation. The American Statistician 63(4), 373-377.
  • Bornkamp, B. and Ickstadt, K. (2009): Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation of Continuous Monotone Functions with Applications to Dose-Response Analysis. Biometrics 65(1), 198–206. (link)
  • Bornkamp, B., Pinheiro, J. C. and Bretz, F. (2009): MCPMod - An R Package for the Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies. Journal of Statistical Software 29(7), 1-23. (link)
  • Bornkamp, B., Fritsch, A., Kuss, O. and Ickstadt, K. (2009): Penalty Specialists Among Goalkeepers: A Nonparametric Bayesian Analysis of 44 Years of the German Bundesliga., In Schipp, B. and Krämer, W. (Eds.): Statistical Inference, Econometric Analysis and Matrix Algebra. Festschrift in Honour of Götz Trenkler, 63-76. Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg. (link)
  • Bornkamp, B., Bretz, F., Dmitrienko, A., Enas, G., Gaydos, B., Hsu, C.-H. et al. (2007): Innovative Approaches for Designing and Analyzing Adaptive Dose-Finding Studies, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 17, 965-995. (link)
  • Pinheiro, J.C., Bornkamp, B. and Bretz, F. (2006): Design and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies Combining Multiple Comparisons and Modeling Procedures, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 16, 639-656. (link)