Statistik: mehr als Erbsen zählen

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Statistics - Bachelor of Science

Course Structure

The Basics of Mathematics (Analysis, Vector and Matrix Calculation), Probability and Statistics are covered in the first year of the 6 Semester BSc in Statistics at TU Dortmund. In the second and third year the statistical methods taught become thorough and applied. Sampling methods will also be covered. All courses are taught in German.

A strong emphasis is placed on practical problem case studies from the beginning in both the elective and required modules on the course, which is developed in the thesis. The main body of study is 15 modules, including 3 months for the thesis, all of which will be examined. There will also be a minor subject, of about 3-4 modules including exams.

More information about the course content can be found here.


The broad content of the bachelor course will allow you to choose the appropriate solutions to the right problems in economy, industry, or any area of applied science and apply them well. It will also allow you to continue your studies, e.g. masters in statistics or another directly related masters and then on to PhD. People who have studied statistics are known for having had exposure many types of data in many fields and are therefore strongly sought after in finance and economy, and many other different fields of work.

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