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Application for the Master degrees Statistics / Data Science for international students

  1. What are the requirements for the Master Statistics / Data Science?
    - University Entrance Qualification (HZB). This will usually be your completed university degree or a   secondary education degree/school diploma. Please refer to this website for further information.
    - As almost all courses are taught in German, you will need a language certificate to prove your good knowledge of the German language. (See “language requirements”)
    - A “good” Bachelor’s degree (2.5 or better in the German grading system) that is equivalent to our Bachelor programme Statistics or Data Analysis and Management, respectively.

  2. Is my degree equivalent to a Bachelor in Statistics or Data Analysis and Management?
    Please compare your own Bachelor with the Bachelor of your programme of choice. You can find the course overview of our Bachelor programmes here (course overview only available in German). The courses should be comparable not only regarding the contents, but also regarding ECTS and type of exam. If you are uncertain after this comparison, you are welcome to send an e-mail to the Student Advisors who can give you their non-binding assessment of your chances. Please attach a transcript of records!

  3. How do I apply for the master programme Statistics / Data Science at TU Dortmund University?
    All applications are handled by the International Office. You can obtain information about the application here (EU/EEA) and here (Non-EU/EEA).

  4. What are the application deadlines?
    You can apply to start your master programme in winter and summer semesters. Currently, the application deadlines are as follows:
    Winter semesters:
    Non-EU/EEA: between March 15th and July 15th
    EU/EEA: between March 15th and the closing date for registration (currently January 15th, see here)
    Summer semesters:
    Non-EU/EEA: between November 15th and January 15th
    EU/EEA: between November 15th and the closing date for registration (currently June 15th, see here)

  5. What is my application‘s status?
    Unfortunately, the student advisory service has no access to your application. If you have questions, please contact the International Office. However, the International Office will contact you as soon it has finished processing your application.

  6. Which documents do I need in order to apply?
    You can obtain information about the requirements here (EU/EEA) and here (Non-EU/EEA).

  7. I have submitted my application. What now?
    After you have received a letter of acceptance, the next step is to enrol at TU Dortmund University. Your letter of acceptance contains an enrolment deadline and office hours during which you can enrol, see also the following questions.
    For information on how to prepare for your studies in Germany (visa, health insurance, accommodation etc.) please refer to this website.

  8. How do I enrol for graduate studies?
    To enrol, you can either go to the International Office in person during the office hours (see here) or you can send all the necessary documents by post. Please confer to this website (non-EU/EEA) or this website (EU/EEA) for details and for a list of the required documents

  9. What are the deadlines concerning enrolment?
    For the enrolment period and deadlines, please refer to your letter of acceptance or to the International Office’s website: EU/EEA or Non-EU/EEA.


  10. My degree is not equivalent to the Bachelor in Statistics / Data Analysis and Management. Is there anything else I can do?
    If your degree is not equivalent and you are not admitted to our Master programme, you may be able to start in the second year of our Bachelor programme (see “14. Is it possible to start in the second year of studies?”). After the completion of your Bachelor, you can apply for the Master programme once again (the requirements still apply).

  11. I worked as a data analyst (or in other comparable jobs). Does this help when applying?
    No, the only relevant criterion is the equivalence of your earlier study programme and our Bachelor programme.